Music What gigs are you going to?

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I'm always going to gigs whenever I can/have money to/have time to.

What about you?

29/08/13 - Frankie & The Heartstrings (London, UK)
13/09/13 - Kaiser Chiefs + Pulled Apart By Horses + Skaters (Leeds, UK)
29/09/13 - Madness (London, UK)
I wanted to go to Heavy MTL, but I'm broke, so that was a no go. The line up was pretty stacked, but there were some bands I particularly wanted to see, like Mastodon, Danzig playing with Doyle, Phil Anselmo, Newsted, and Baroness. I also would have to liked to have seen Megadeth, The Ocean, Revocation, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Pallbearer. I hope I have enough cash for next year.


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Just saw KT Tunstall earlier in the week. That was a great show. It takes a certain sort of courage to perform in front of an audience solo. Might try for Fiona Apple next. She's going to be in the area.

Micaela V

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I saw Silversun Pickups in San Antonio, Texas last weekend along with Electric Guest. It was an awesome show and I am definitely checking out Electric Guests songs later on. Austins having ACL this weekend too but sadly I am always broke and can't go to big shows like that. Hopefully I can save up for a music festival some time next year.


I didn't end up going to Madness in the end...

But I did go to a small festival in the city and saw a lot of bands i'd never heard of before.

I'm going to see Teleman, Life, Black Wire, Telegram(just to be confusing) and (hopefully) Sensible Sam and Japan and Frankie & The Heartstrings next month.


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I have always wanted to see Justin Timberlake live! And of course, Stevie Wonder. But they are so expensive. Recently, I just go out and see some local acts in bars. Still good though if I just want to save money and relax.
I would like to go to see Taylor Swift because I like country music, plus she sings very good. I like some of her songs because they are very emotional songs, which is my all-time favorite kind of music.


I hadn't been paying attention to tour dates since I moved here, but now that I'm starting to, I get out to see them a little more often. Next is Black Sabbath. Other than that, my choices have been Justin Bieber and Selena etc lol. No thanks.

I'm looking forward to the festivals in summer though. Always a great lineup I won't know about until closer to the date. Outdoor concerts are my absolute favourite way to experience bands.