[Video Game] What Game Did You Just Beat?


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Technically I beat Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I saw technically because I got to a point then the game said I unlocked new game plus and got a trophy for completeing chapter 9 and epilouge. Guess that's what happens when tje actual game ending is dlc. Seems like a huge mistep to me but hopefully Valhalla won't make the same mistake.


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Shenmue for the first time, also I just found out you guys are still around after from what I remember I think it was a hack? This was back when Gaim was on so if you don't remember it's fine.


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Valhalla shouldn't do that, so far as I'm aware. The paid DLC they announced will be in Ireland & France.

I finally got Spyro 1 done on the Reignited Trilogy-- full game & all skill points & trophies. But, I still have 2 & 3, plus Valhalla & Origins to beat & I still have some DLC to get for some of the PS4 games I have currently. I want to do that before I buy any more for that system.