Just beat the main story for Marvel's Avengers. A decent enough gamr, if not a bit on the short side. I know there was a lot of hype when it first came out because it featured the original movie line up. But go in realizing it's doing it's own thing and you'll probably enjoy it a bit more.Combat can get more thsan a bit repetitive at times but it is enjoyable. One good thing is they they seem to be still adding content to the game after, three years i think, from launch. Mostly it cosmetic but they they did just add a story arc featuring the Jane foster version of Thor so that's pretty cool.. So you might want to check it out if you haven't already, If you find it on sale go for it.
Nov 26, 2022
Just beat Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. As a games it's about average. But honestly the real fun for me was just listening to the Guardians just interact. Now in the big fights hearing the same line repeated several times got old but I'm talking about during the quiet moments and they're just talking it was just amazing to stand around, unlike Avengers you just play as one character here Starlord, and just listen to bits of actual conversations between the other characters. Speaking of those conversations Starlord has a option to add and a choice. Here every so often you'll see something you said influenced another character now a I'm not sure how much this affects any part of the story, Some thing near the end said the Novacorp joined the fight based on what I said but they really didn't factor into the final boss battle so who really knows. This also goes, and a bit more obvious, is the huddle up feature during a battle. A meter builds up and you can call them in, listen to what they're saying then decide the best out of two responses you get right the team gets a buff, you get it wrong, which I have done at first and well nothing no debigf just a bunch of confused remarks. B To add to the buff a random song from the soundtrack starts playing, and do keep the licensed music playing, there is a streaming mode that turns this off, anyway this selection of songs is just awesome. But it is random, it's slightly.... Let's say distracting when after a huddle and your expecting a rock song to start blaring and Don't Worry be Happy starts playing. The first time zI should say after that it's not quite as jarring. Now depending how much you like the MCU line up of the Guardians is going to depend on how much you'll want to play the game. It's not a live service game like Avengers so basically what:s in the game is what you get so you don't have to worry about that, but for a game to kill a couple of hours it's not a bad time.