What does the Meteor Switch do?

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Other than doing Limit Breaks, what does the Meteor Switch do? If you put it in the Fourze belt, what will it do?


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In Gabarade, I think It let's Fourze execute a more powerful rider Kick and, Rider Punch. In the show It's used for Meteor's Limit Break Kick.


It won't be used in the show at all by Fourze.

It transforms Ryusei and acts as a communicator between Ryusei and the AZU.

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The belts need switches in order to function, but it was never said the Meteor belt needed the Meteor switch specifically to work. The Elec and Fire switches only give Ryusei electric and fire attacks rather than actual weapons.


I think the Meteor Switch creates the link to M-Bus, allowing Meteor to get Cosmic Energy to transform. Notice how Ryuusei uses it to contact Tachibana?


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I agree with that, but also think that it's a vessel to make use of the Cosmic Energy, while containing some Cosmic Energy itself. I think the reason for the M-BUS' CE Cannon is that possibly one switch does not have enough Cosmic Energy to power the transformation, while Fourze's four switches have enough CE amongst them to activate his transformation. the Meteor Switch probably also contains the makeup for the Meteor suit, as in the Fourze Driver toy, it's treated as a Rider Switch in the voice used. so if Fourze were to use the Meteor Switch, it would probably create a Meteor Module modeled after Meteor himself, similarly to how the other Rider Switches work in Ganbaride


If Fourze used it, I think it would let him use Meteor's wrist device. Wo he could use the Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars punches.

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^ The Meteor Galaxy doesn't depend on the Meteor Switch though. When the Elec Switch is in the belt the device is still there.


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that's true. the Meteor Galaxy is designed specifically to be used by Meteor, as it only recongizes the Finger Pointer on Meteor's left index finger

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