What Does Henshin Justice Mean To You?


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Hey Loves! I'm putting together a really personal, little pet video project in support of HJU.

Looking back almost three years ago, I never thought participating in a top five favorite Sentai suits thread would lead to a regular podcast position, a YouTube channel people actually watch, and most importantly, a group of the most amazing, wonderful, awesome friends and collaborators one could ever ask for.

Bottom Line: HJU changed my life. :anime:

So, in the spirit of the upcoming holidays and as a reflection of the crazy awesome 2012 year, I would like to ask you, our HJU family members:


Make a vlog, do a voice recording, write a reply to this post! It can be at any length and be as detailed as you like.

HJU is more than just a forum, it's a community of awesome fans that wouldn't be as big as it is, without YOU. So, let me and HJU know what it means to you and see your post in an upcoming montage on the official HJU YouTube channel.

If you would like to make a video or record a little voice blurb, send your file links to http://www.angelicnoir.com/contact with "What HJU Means to Me" in the Subject Line.

Don't forget to let me know what your HJU Screen Name is in the Comments section! :anime:

Please send all your responses in by December 15th. It gives me time to look through your responses and give it the love it deserves! If you need more time, just feel free to let me know.

Don't worry about sounding sappy... God knows I probably am~ lol~ Good luck! :p
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Allow me to be the first sappy post, please do not judge.

I joined HJU back in my freshmen year of High School. At the time, I was heavily bullied and was going through depression for the first time in my life. It was a dark time and probably one of the worst year of my life. I had gotten back into Godzilla during that time as a special of it on Comcast was in. Godzilla led me to Ultraman, which I realized I used to watch in Ultraman Tiga. Ultraman led me to Kamen Rider and Super Sentai. When I realized what Super Sentai actually was aka Power Rangers, I became intrigued, but really had no one to talk to about this amazing discovery in my life.

I had been made fun of all threw grade schools because I didn't stop liking Power Rangers until maybe 6th grade. I had to force myself to stop watching because of the bullying I received. So I knew I couldn't talk to anyone. Through luck I found a forum called HenshinTalk. On there, i posted once in awhile, but never felt like comfortable. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight was announced and some dude named Keith had seen the first four episodes. I went to the link and found HJU.

For awhile I trolled and just read the posts. I finally thought to myself, "This is what I want." I joined as kamenridermatrix after a YouTube video I had recently seen. I met some great people on here, I chatted Keith on Xbox over Halo and even though it was only for 10 minutes, I was the happiest 15 year old alive. Keith was a celebrity to me, and he accepted MY chat request. For the first time ever, I was able to talk to someone with my voice about the things I love. I wasn't embarrassed or anything, it just felt.....right.

Soon after I started to post daily, hourly, all of the above, and loved it. I was able to get into writing, something I do profusely now and I have HJU to thank for that.

All of you who have touched my life one way or another are literally the reason I am alive. I went through a dark place throughout High School, but everyone on HJU stuck by me and made me feel like not a member, but family.

Although College has kept me away, I honestly love this place as much as ever. And I am blessed to have found this place. You are all my family. Thank you for being awesome and making me fell better about myself.


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Ahh~ Matrix! *INTERNET HUG* Thanks for responding! It seriously made me squee! :p

Trust that you're not the only one with awesomely wonderful story. I'm writing mine out before I start recording the video and I'm already crying. T____T

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Matrix....... you honor these humble halls of HJU. Thanks for that story, big man. :thumbs:

You ARE.... great justice!!!!!!!!! :bawling:


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I'm typically one of the more silent browsers, but I've been browsing for a long while before officially joining the forums earlier this year.

I grew up watching Power rangers and Ultraman - and still watch them (although I've since segued into Rider series and sentai), even grown up as I am now (I'm turning 30 this saturday). It's a niche thing, and you really can't express the enjoyment you get out of it to the "everydayman", or your average joe on campus. Most of your friends tolerate your obsession for the sake of friendship, but don't share it - even if they themselves are comic/sci-fi buffs. It's just an eccentricity to them.

HJU is a lot like having a SentaiCon on the net. It's a place to learn about new series to watch, other people's interests (who, shockingly enough, are actually interested in some of the same things you're interested in), talk about the shows you like, and what you found interesting in them. It's a place to sell, and buy figures from fellow fans to beef up your collection. It's a place to find humor, commiserate, and relate on how toku touches or affects our lives.

One of the things that really drew me to HJU, was when "Kamen Rider Fusion" started appearing on the site every week - searching back through the posts marks it as 2008. Every week I waited for the next installment, and even after the story ended, I stuck around - knowing I'd found a place that was pretty cool. (since then, I haven't found a fan-fiction story that impressed or enthralled me as much as that one did - whoever wrote that, WELL DONE!)

This sounds weird typing this, but it rings true: HJU is a 'net-home. It's a place filled with things that interest and support me, it's a comfort zone. I kind of hope it stays that way for a long time.

EDIT: Getting to meet Keith in person (And having got to meet Jay, too) was pretty awesome. I couldn't say much at the time given the circumstances, and I wish I could have - but I very much appreciate his work in keeping this place going. I guess this is a "Thanks for being here" blurb. Maybe during another Con I'll actually get to exchange a few sentences with you or something.
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"What does Henshin Justice Means to you?" I had to reflect on this question for a bit so here I go.

Two years ago, I started looking for some podcast to listen to since I use public transportation and I wanted to listen to something else besides music. So on iTunes I came across HJU Radio. It was the episode the Kamen Rider W Megasode and back then I had no clue what Kamen Rider was but after listening to that conversation I knew I had to get into because it just sounded something that was right up my ally.

Fast forward to later that day and I went back and decided to listen to some of the older podcast episodes, yes even the Justicast episodes that were available I listened to and I was sold on this website but I think the thing that truly won me over was hearing how the community came together to fund someone's wedding. It was shocking to see people who may or may not have met face to face before go to such lengths for another person and that's when I decided to visit the site daily and haven't regretted it since.

Recently I decided to finally join the conversation by signing up on the boards and man it's been a great time. At first I thought I wouldn't be able to have as much substance in my post like others on the site was but I learned something is better than nothing.

It's thanks to Henshin Justice Unlimited that I have had the honor of talking to some cool people. It's also thanks to HJU that I'm now a columnist for Rajio Nihon and Hero Taku. I mean I never would have imagined having an interest in people Rider Kicking bad guys or people shouting "It's Morphing Time" would lead me to an opportunity of having my voice be heard. So it's thanks to you guys that I'm a fan of many things today.

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Two years ago, I started looking for some podcast to listen to since I use public transportation and I wanted to listen to something else besides music. So on iTunes I came across HJU Radio. It was the episode the Kamen Rider W Megasode and back then I had no clue what Kamen Rider was but after listening to that conversation I knew I had to get into because it just sounded something that was right up my ally.

How did you find our podcast if you didn't know what Kamen Rider was? :D


HJU means to me the aWESOMENESS to talk other fans of power rangers like myself that realized a while ago it was super sentai just the american verison. i remember when i was in elementary school and first started watching anime like Go-Lion aka Voltron, transformers and the 90s hit then power rangers came along and by then i was watch re-run of ultraman on my local fox channel here in the states. and that got me into power rangers when it came out initally until masked rider dropped and i knew by then i was hooked. and then years later when i continued to watch power rangers into my 20s now into my 30s i still find it fun entertainment. when i went back and watched black rx back in high school from tape trades from a friend i was hooked into kamen rider but then they stop and went movie for a while so power rangers it was for a while then i saw dragon knight premier in the usa and then i was like screw this im watching this and watching new kamen rider at the time which was decade and bam i've been hooked on kamen rider since decade. and a about two years ago i found hju stumbled onto one of the podcasts and loved it ikadevil always has great insight and so does the rest of the podcast team keep up all the great work, cretiques, insight and awesomeness. thank you for doing tokusastu a great JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I like it here for the most part. Yeah I have had my run ins with people. Keith included. People are more forgiving here, save for a few, than most places. There is a lot of good discussion that comes out of HJU. I am just glad there is a place for toku and PR fans to go to to discuss things. There are other sites, but they are so stuck up their own butts it's not even funny. HJU has it's share of.. Well yeah.. But there are a lot more friendly people here than any other toku fandom site.


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youtube vid


im not a regualr post-er but i still feel that HJU is the best place on the internet for anyone into toku, weather youre a new comer, or a veteran. HJU brings the fun to the fandom. its always a pleasure to be celebrating be a geek, and no one does it better than the people in this forum. =)

thank you keith, vangelus, craig, fangirequeen, bladedancer, inoue, angie, lynx, TJ, and everyone else who i cant think of off the top of my head. =D


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I was not in a good place when I joined HJU, but after a few smackdowns from posters like Lynxara & Aoi Kurenai, I've started to become a better person over the years. It's a fun forum, and most of the people on it are okay, even if I sometimes want to bash your heads together (lovingly, you understand.)


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I'm here because I heard there were nude pics somewhere around here. I feel gypped. :sly:

If we weren't real life friends, I would've hit you...

Actually, thanks to HJU, because we became real life friends, that means I could hit you as hard as I want! :anime: