General Discussion What do you like the most about yourself?

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Ok, let's try something nice and simple :) Why don't you guys tell us what are some of the things you like the most about yourselves? I think this would be a really positive thread if we think about the things we like about ourselves... could be physical, emotional, etc.

For me it would be like this:

1 - I like the fact I'm very caring and hopen and I make a great friend.
2- I'm good at keeping secrets.
3 - I can learn languages easily.
4 - I've a great willpower.
5 - I have been told I've very nice lips and eyes :)

Feel free to add your own list ;)


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1 - I am pretty good with the arts, mainly drawing and photography. I won a lot of art awards in high school and college competitions, as well as being voted "most artistic" out of my high school class.
2 - I'm very open minded, and not quick to condemn someone for their actions, or because who they are or what they do are outside of societal norms. Quite the contrary, I'm very accepting.
3 - I'm pretty generous, not necessarily just with money, but with my time helping others in need.


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That's awesome :) It seems you have a lot awesome qualities, and you are well aware of that :) Sometimes we are our worst critics. I specially liked the number 2 :) Not everyone is capable to do that, most people nowadays seems to be very judgemental!


I agree with number 2, I give everyone a fair chance. Although I generally know whether I'll like someone when I first meet them, i'll still give them a chance.


I like that I don't become angry so easily. Most of the people in my family are either hot heads or become emotional. I'm the cool headed guy that calms the situation.


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That awesome, Viper! I come from a family where everyone screams and reacts in a very emotional way, lol. Almost as if they were on some sort of hormonal treatment. Ah, so I know what it feels like to be the peace keeper. I'm capable to stay calm in most situations, but is hard when you have a house full of emotionally unstable people who yell a lot :p Best of luck, Viper!


1. My brain lol
2. I'm proud of how I parent my children. I guide with respect.. I never hold power over them.
3. I love who I am as a wife as well. We're truly a marriage, unlike so many pieces of paper out there.
4. My empathy. It can be a curse.. it's truly held me down before and it will always have the potential to, but I wouldn't be who I am if I couldn't feel the world around me like I do