What did Gou Wakamatsu say to get himself kicked off of Go-Busters?


Given how bad Hibiki was in the first place, I highly doubt the "meddling" could have made the show bad. If anything, the show must have gone up. I'll find out someday though, because I'll give the show another try once someone subs DVD rips (I made it up to episdoe 17 when it first aired).


Dr Kain

Hibiki bad... I.. But... I.. I don't even...

It was boring. Every episode was annoying kid whines about life, he stalks Hibiki, two humanoid creatures attack, they run away, Hibiki talks to emo kid, poorly rendered giant monster appears, Hibiki drums it to death. Repeat and rehash.

I mean seriously, these shows always have a formula, but Hibiki seemed to be the exact same episode over just with different designs. And the emo kid was beyond annoying to the point that he makes Ban from DekaRanger tolerable. In fact, he is probably the reason I couldn't tolerate the lack of action in the show more than anything else. Of course, even the Decade episodes of Hibiki were boring, so it might just be the overall mood of the series that I find lackluster.

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