What caused the Broken Aesop at the end?

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The new Tendou Souji
One of the main points of the series was to teach kids about the consequences of their actions but everyone gets off scot-free. Adam manages to get back with his girlfriend despite almost trashing the planet and betraying the original group of riders, Chris gets his asthma cleared and joins the military again, etc.

Did something happen to change during planning?

Nathan Long

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Personally, I would have loved to have more serious consequences for the bad riders, but the bosses said we had to soften it, so we did. I would have also liked to go into much more detail about what happened to everybody at the end, but sadly there was no time or money to bring the actors back for that last show.

Chris, however, got what he deserved, I think. He was a hero and got a hero's reward.
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