What Can The CW’s Midseason Ratings Report Tell Us About Its Future?

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It’s almost January which means we’re close to the point where The CW announces the first of its fall renewals, and typically this has meant they renew everything. But might that happen this year? We can glean hints from the ratings report published by TVLine today. Here’s how everything is performing.
First off….guess which scripted show got the lowest ratings of the fall? Yup, the current best show on the network, because they stuck it in their worst timeslot. If there’s a silver lining for Nancy Drew, it’s the notation that it has the largest DVR bump of any CW series by a mile. That means its fanbase has not abandoned it…it just CAN’T WATCH THE THING LIVE WHEN IT’S STUCK ON FRIDAYS AT NINE!
You didn’t believe me when I told you All-American is The CW’s current best performing series…well, here’s the proof. No one you know...

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