Mar 20, 2007
It's hard to really have a top 3. If I was going to have a top 20, these three would definitely be in it.

[ame=""]Men of Destiny - Gundam 0083 Second OP[/ame]

[ame=""]In My Dream - Brain Powerd[/ame]

[ame=""]Dream-Colored Chaser - Metal Armor Dragonar First OP[/ame]
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Aug 29, 2007
So I got the title of this thread changed so it would include a top 3 favorite EDs too. Even though I couldn't think of more, I'm sure I will like tomorrow or something. I only picked one, and i was actually the person who uploaded the video of it below. Apparently I found out earlier this week that I was the only one with a full copy on YouTube! :sweat: Great fuckin show! And a great ED too!
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May 14, 2008
My top 3 would be

Haruhi's 2nd OP


Elfen Lied's OP


and Witchblade's 1st OP

Feb 17, 2005
[HIDE]I much prefer the ending credits to some anime shows but here you go!!!

Great Teacher Onizuka - The style of this opening just struck me, and the guitar riff just sounds badass! Pretty rad stuff!! One of my favorites!! Oh and the very scene with him shooting at the bullseye that's right on his stomache, while the mirror cracks, SSIIICCCKKK!!!

Bleach - Part of the reason as to why I got into Bleach, way back, was the first opening it had. It was pretty catchy and the way they did there opening was pretty cool and again, stylistic!! To bad the new stuff don't strike me as much but the first opening can always give me a sense of nostalgia!! :D

Laputa castle in the Sky
- My favorite opening of all time has got to go too the opening of Joe Hisaishi's Laputa ! :D I mean just look at it. Not only that but LISTEN to it!! Memorable stuff right there!![/HIDE]

These are my 3 favorite endings in no order :D

Naruto Wind - This right here, I just love the video and the music for Naruto's first ending!! I instantly fell in love with the video and lyrics all together!! Deep stuff!! Instant classic!!

Inuyasha My Will - Though I could easily choose Inuyasha's Fukai Mori, Dearest or Every Heart but since "My Will" was the first I'd put that up. However, I love each one of them equally. Every time I listen and get to see them, it just takes me back to a good place!!

フリクリ- Ride on Shooting Star - Just watch it!! Pretty Rad Stuff!!
Apr 8, 2008
Let's see if I can find some that haven't been mentioned yet..

In no particular order:

Godannar's first opening: Shinkon Gattai Godannar! It's delightfully old-school, and Akira Kushida to boot.

Gun x Sword's opening. Not a word in the entire song, but it fits the show. Sort of a catchy eastern/western blend, like the show itself.

Overman King Gainer's opening: King Gainer Over! Seriously, this song is so catchy it's probably evil. They have fun with the opening animation too, which makes it that much better.
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Aug 15, 2009
Naruto Shippuden OP 4

Mobile Suit Gundam OP............the original classic BIATCHES
[ame=""]Tobi Gundam[/ame]

Dragonball Z OP........both Eng & Jap versions, can't pick 1 over the other
[ame=""]DBZ Eng OP[/ame]
[ame=""]DBZ Jap OP[/ame]

And here's a new personal favorite
[ame=""]DBZ OP.........the Aya Hirano/Konata version[/ame]

:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: