Well, here's a 'WOW' moment I never expected.....

Ragna "D" BloodEdge

By the Power of Gaia!!!
So, last week, I sent in a question to X-POSITION, the section of the Comic Book Resources site that covers the X-Men portion of the Marvel Universe and I asked them how the upcoming Heroic Age would impact the X-Books. Never expecting in a million years that they would pick my question to answer...

And it turns out they did...

Apparently, another guy wrote in with the same question I did, so they combined our questions together and addressed them near the end of the article.


So, yeah...pleasant surprise for me there.:thumbs:

Blade Dancer

Not-So-Rabid Blade Fangirl
I've had that sort of thing happen before, and I always get a kick out of it. :thumbs:

Some good questions in that thing, too! I wish I wasn't so darned behind in all the comics I read... My friends who buy comics and let me borrow them now have girlfriends. :p

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