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Irish game studio Error300 will soon present the city-building sim Welcome To My Cave on mobile platforms. What’s the twist with this one? You’re building up the very first city ever.
You play the young, new, inexperienced chief of a prehistoric tribe. You just inherited the position from your father and your big task is to establish a settlement. The tools of civilization won’t be found easily and in some cases you’ll have to literally invent them. Agriculture? Irrigation? What are those things?
But as your village grows and your citizens gain more experience, new inventions and innovations will be discovered all the time. If you make the right decisions, you’ll be able to advance your primitive city way beyond what could realistically be done at this time. Error300 even hints that it’s possible to build a second settlement — on another planet!

Become the chieftain of your own tribe.
Enjoy a charming art style.
Filled with humorous visuals and descriptions.
More than 100...

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