Weird: The Al Yankovic Story Throws Down Its Trailer

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In case you’re wondering, there is a real, actual explanation for why “Weird” Al Yankovic exists. The short of it is that he was a college DJ who fooled around and created his own parodies of the songs that were popular at the time. Offbeat syndicated radio personality Dr. Demento was sent demos of his recordings and liked them enough to play them on the air. This led to a record deal and it snowballed from there. You can find out the details by reading this article, assuming a paywall notice doesn’t pop up in your face.
That is definitely NOT the story you’ll get from Al’s own autobiographic movie Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, set to hit The Roku Channel in less than a week. As Al tells it, he was once a rebellious boy (played by Daniel Radcliffe) who displeased his parents by sneaking out to polka parties and practicing the accordion in secret. Looking for inspiration for his...

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Daniel Radcliffe could even receive an Oscar nomination, in my opinion. Who knows? He certainly acts the role and looks the part.


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This stuff gets much better seeing AL in his own movie about him playing someone else! I mistakenly believed that this was a parody of College Humor or Saturday Night Live.


Radcliffe is a talented actor, so I am not shocked he can pull this off with flying colors.


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I cant understand English as a Kid. So Imagine my child self, Thought "You don't love me anymore" is a serious heartbreak song. The moment I Understand English, I got shocked what Weird Al is singing about

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