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Wednesday Addams is going to have her own adventures. This time without her famous family. You can still see the members of the Addams Family in this series. Their presence is still there, but the show will mainly focus on her. Actress Lisa Loring originated the character originated the role, but for most 90s kids, Christina Ricci was the iconic actress to play the role. Teen actress Jenna Ortega will be the latest actress to play the iconic creepy child, but this time in her teens.
The Addams family was a famous comic strip written by Charles Addams. It was about a weird goth family with suspicious origins. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzmán joins the cast as Morticia and Gomez Addams...

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I love Tim Burton movies, including his adaptation of Addams family. I will be watching this if this is the continuation of his 90s movie and he is directing. I first saw Jenna Ortega in The Babysitter 2, so I will watch this series because she is a talented actress working with a visionary director.


My Theory why Cristina Ricci's role is unknown is that she still plays Wednesday. The show is a flashback, and Cristina will play adult Wednesday as she narrates what happened in her teenage years. Jenna Ortega will be playing the Young Wednesday during flashbacks.


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Are they going to make this Dark like Riverdale, Sabrina and that Scooby Doo Pilot? Addams family has always been dark but the humor never disappears. I hope they will keep the humor.

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