We have a Ghost! and it's David Harbour!


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In this case, I'm glad that things didn't turn out the way I expected them to. To put a fresh spin on a familiar theme like this is brilliant! It seems like a lot of harmless, easy, and silly fun, and I'm all for that. To add, David Harbour is such a gifted actor that it is refreshing to see him in projects apart from the Stranger Things series.


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David Harbour should never shave his facial hair again. I mean it!


David Harbour is on a roll with these kinds of movies; first it was violent night, and now it's very good; both of which I will watch. To my mind, this is an extremely entertaining activity. The trailer opens with an unremarkable appearance, but quickly takes a bizarre turn.


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It looks like a lot of fun and a psychedelic experience. Seeing that both Anthony Mackie and David Harbour were in the same movie piqued my interest. I really like how at first it seems like a terrifying horror movie, but by the end it turns out to be a comedy.


Christopher Landon's involvement as the film's director is a huge plus in my book. It has all the makings of a bad movie: it's made by Netflix, it has a simple plot, and it's aimed at children. The outcome was better than I could have ever imagined. He's a good director, and it shows that he cared about putting emotion and levity into the film. The movie's sincerity and sense of humor give that away.


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The appearance of Jennifer Coolidge in a cameo role is the sole reason I continue to follow White Lotus. I really like her a lot. I've had a lot of respect for her ever since I saw her in the American Pie movies as Stiffler's mom. She will always be remembered as the pioneering MILF.


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I think it sounds like a funny supernatural mystery that the whole family could enjoy, so I'll add it to my list of potential choices. David Harbour is the best! This is hilarious and looks like a great time.


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It reminds me of a more serious update of Casper the Friendly Ghost. The varying tones are very effective. At first, it sounds and feels like a horror movie trailer. This seems like a truly remarkable opportunity. The only thing that might make me nervous is that an actor of David Harbour's caliber is playing a mute character.


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The ghost in this film is supposed to be like Casper the Friendly Ghost. I grew up watching that cartoon and there is no comparison.

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