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Square claimed it wouldn’t take as long for Part 2 of Final Fantasy 7 Remake to show up as it did for Part 1, but….Square says a lot of things. We haven’t heard a peep out of the project since the PS5 version of Part 1 with the extra Yuffie chapter was introduced. BUUUUT….that could change shortly.
Square just announced a ten-minute stream devoted to upcoming Final Fantasy projects will take place June 16. That’s next Thursday. In particular, they are promising viewers “a first look at all the information surrounding the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7″…an anniversary they surely wouldn’t want to let pass without some kind of hints at the future, right?
We don’t know specifically what hints they have planned, though. At the moment, Square produces quite a few things with FF7 characters in them. They’re planning to release an RPG for mobile phones called Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis...

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Before it sees the light of day, it will be "cancelled." Duke is so misogynistic that you couldn't make this as a comedy in 2022...or most likely 2032 by the time they finish it. The most anti-PC non-conformist figure in a world that's never been more PC in history. This should be entertaining. In the game, he even kills civilians and strippers.


Upon its debut, I named the Final Fantasy VII remake Game of the Year. The portrayal of Cloud's character is superb. What a great character. How subtle his reactions are, the small moments when he loses his cool guy appearance and his actual cloud appears, the way you see him progressively trust and open up to his comrades I'm excited to see where FF7R Part 2 takes things. A simple trailer would drive me insane with anticipation.
Given Briana White's (Aerith's VA) recent lack of activity on her YouTube account, I'm guessing she's been busy working (and preserving secrets), so we might see something from FF7R: Part 2 soon. I'm eager to learn everything I can about Part 2 of the remake. Part 1 helped me keep my sanity during the Pandemic.


I'm only come to see the Gold Saucer. If they do half as well with it as they did with Wall Market. That said, I'm going through the original Final Fantasy 7 for the first time in 15 years, and I never realized how amazing a lot of the locations are. They certainly have their work cut out for them.

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