We are Getting A Second Detective Pikachu Movie

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<p>Traditionally Pokemon movies have been animated and targeted at kids. As that fanbase grew older, a live-action take on the franchise aimed at a broader audience seemed almost inevitable, but no one expected it to be based on the obscure spinoff game Detective Pikachu for 3DS. At the time the movie was announced, the game hadn’t been confirmed for an English release.</p>


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It's interesting to see how popular Pikachu has become outside of just the Pokemon franchise. The character has really transcended its origins.I'm excited to see what kind of mysteries Detective Pikachu will solve in the sequel. The first movie's case was definitely out there!


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Ryan Reynolds was perfect as Pikachu in the first movie, so I really hope he comes back for the sequel.I'm pretty excited to see what Jonathan Krisel and Chris Galletta will come up with for the script and direction. They're both pretty talented, so my hopes are high!You know, it's really great to see a Pokemon movie that isn't just geared towards kids. The first Detective Pikachu had a lot of adult appeal too, which was refreshing.I'm really curious to see which other Pokemon will make an appearance in the sequel. The first movie had some cool cameos, but I'm hoping to explore more of the world this time around.


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I can't help but hope that the sequel captures the same perfect balance of comedy and drama that made the first one such a hit. It was truly a masterpiece in terms of storytelling and character development.

Speaking of which, I was surprised at how emotional the first Detective Pikachu was at times. It really tugged at my heartstrings. I'm hoping that the sequel isn't afraid to delve even deeper into the emotions of its characters and explore even more profound themes. It has the potential to be a truly unforgettable cinematic experience.


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I wonder if any other big-name actors will be joining the cast of Detective Pikachu 2. The first movie had some unexpected cameos.

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