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Wow. It’s not often we run across a news item that literally makes our jaws hit the floor with a “BONNGGGGGG” sound effect straight out of Tom and Jerry, but WB just pulled it off. Last year the studio announced plans to film a Batgirl movie with Leslie Grace as the title character. Now their new, brilliant owners at Discovery have decided not to go through with that movie. But here’s the thing: the movie’s done. It’s on the shelf. They spent $70 million creating it. And now they have decided to do nothing with it.
You might be thinking, how bad must this movie be? Allegedly that is not the reason Batgirl won’t see release. The reported reason from WB is a pretty irritating, cold-corporate rationale: Batgirl won’t be released because it was made specifically for HBO Max and Discovery wants DC movies to be exclusively big-budget, theatrical affairs. That’s the only reason.
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One of the most surprising news I've seen in a long time in the world of entertainment. Major studio productions of this scope are almost never canceled at the last minute. Especially at the end of the filming. Yes, everything may be put on hold for weeks or even days prior to the commencement of the shoot. However, this has never been done before digitally.


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That $90 million could have fed a starving village or give scholarship to thousands of children. Why waste money like that by cancelling a finished movie.


Those annoying Leftwing Comicgaters are now celebrating this as a win because "wokeness" is defeated. I am shaking my head off. This makes me so upset.

I can only imagine how dejected the filmmakers, cast, and crew must be right now, especially Leslie Grace. Last-minute cancellations have cruelly robbed Leslie of the opportunity she so desperately needed. Over a year's worth of hard work has been washed away.
I'm sorry for the entire team that labored on this project, which was only a few feet from completion. HBO/Warner/HBO is clearly the more recognizable brand, therefore reports of HBO max and HBO/Discovery Plus merging are a mistake. Moreover, I believe that the DCEU will be rebooted and the next three films will be the last of existing DC characters. Just to have their efforts go unnoticed after all the dedication and hard work they've put in

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When something like this happens, it's shameful to be a DC fan in general. If the flash movie is canceled, I'll be alright. In spite of his awful performance, Ezra Miller opted to star as Barry Allen, and the uproar they're igniting both on set and beyond the gates of Hollywood is absolutely ridiculous. Then I'm wondering: Do I need DC right now?


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It didn't matter to me whether or not this film was good or horrible. All I wanted was to see Batgirl in a movie and to see how hard the cast and crew worked to make it happen. To be honest, why not just release the film and call it an other universe or something?


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A tax write-off for Warner Bros. Discovery's upcoming Batgirl film has been confirmed by multiple insiders, contrary to the internet-only allegations of Batgirl's failure with test audiences, which have not been corroborated. This is also happening to Scoob! Holiday Haunt, Blue Beetle, Black Canary, and Miller's Flash, according to WB Discovery's internal sources. Warner Media and Discovery would be unable to use any of the footage from any of these tax write-down films in the future, not even samples for testing, even if it were possible to do so in this fashion and surely recoup ALL of the costs of these films.

Black Adam or Aquaman 2 would basically end the DCEU until fresh films could be developed, which might take three years, if this tax write down is true. The DC Extended Universe films that are used in such tax write-offs would not be released by Warner Bros. in any way whatsoever. By not releasing it on streaming or in theaters, as well as not selling or sampling it to another studio or using it in other films, this effectively renders these films unusable in the future.This has yet to be confirmed by WB Discovery management for any of the DCEU films.


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That's so unfair to the artists. Are they reimbursing the artists involved? They should.

How comes she got a movie and not Batman and Robin?