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You get the sense that if it wasn’t for bad news from Warner Bros, there would be no news from them at all. They’re delaying two of their movies again, Shazam: Fury Of The Gods and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Shazam 2 was, before today, scheduled to come out this holiday season, but instead has been bumped to March 17, 2023. This, in turn, has bumped the Aquaman sequel intended for that day all the way into NEXT December — so no one will see it for eighteen months. That makes for a huge span of time between it and the first Aquaman movie.
At this point Shazam has been all over the calendar: it’s been delayed, moved up and now moved back. But believe it or not, this time the delay is a good thing. In fact, it’s the only smart decision WB has made all year so far. Had Shazam: Fury Of The Gods stuck to its December 16, 2022 release date, it would have been in direct...

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The kids are growing up faster , They should be filming a 3rd movie by now. I think Shazam's younger sibling should appear in Titans or Stargirl. Make those shows join the DCEU.
If these days ends up in cancellation, I will hate discovery forever. The merger with Discovery is like a jinx to Warner. Why did they merge with that struggling company that makes documentaries nobody watches.


Everyone is aware that the DCEU is a joke.
regardless of if they manage to turn things around, they were always headed in the wrong direction.
simply produce more solo Batman flicks.
At least occasionally one of those will provide a gem.


Hearing that Aquaman and Shazam are being delayed, I'm not surprised and I'm not disappointed because it's a new management team overseeing Warner Brothers and the DC Universe, and while they may have given the go-ahead for some things in that movie, these new people want to make it right and give a better product, so if that means deleting it and fixing, tweaking, and adding things to make this movie better, I say go ahead because it just tells me they're not trustworthy.


Why did Marvel never postpone a movie? They always met their deadlines by releasing the film right away. You could say that it is not as chaotic as Washington, DC.


If you're an actor in a DC movie right now, you should be concerned. You simply never know what WB will do. I can now understand Ben Afleck's desire to leave this situation.


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If Warner Bros can't fix the delays, they should certainly invest in top-notch deaging technology. Jason Momoa might be about 50 by the time we see Aquaman 3 and the children in Shazam will be able to play the adult versions of their characters themselves if they receive a third installment because actors aren't immortal.


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That's definitely a smart decision, and there won't be much of a wait, as Shazam shouldn't have ever attempted to compete with Avatar. That there is enough business to go around, at least in terms of Avatar, but I disagree. Avatar 2 will be viewed numerous times if it performs even remotely similar to Avatar 1. Despite having a terrible plot, the film was visually spectacular and only made sense in a theater. You can't see the movie at home again. Its worth decreases. Repeat watching, in my opinion, might seriously hurt Shazam's success.


I'm no longer excited about either movie. These initiatives were planned to launch roughly four years ago. Who cares about these movies when the DCEU won't be around for much longer? They need a total reboot back from scratch restart.


Although I thought Aquaman was amusing and entertaining, it seems like an eternity has passed since its initial release. I'm not sure if it's the kind of film that people have been waiting years for. However, Jason Momoa is an attraction in my opinion, so maybe it will be alright whenever it is out. It is, in my opinion, the perfect holiday film.


Shazam's release date is March 2023, Don't tell me they will delay it further? It is hard to imagine how DC will get through all of these hurdles.


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Shazam doesn't even need to be advertised because audiences love it. All they had to do was make up a funny tale and keep the project's participants off of social media. I'd like to see a "keep your damn mouth silent" clause included in the contracts of the movie financiers for all parties involved. Word it in a way that truly fucks anyone who might compromise the final product.


Does Aquaman delay have something with Amber? Her fight with Depp make a lot of noise and some requested her scenes be deleted. Maybe they change script or search for another actress.