Watch the original SPACE PIRATE: CAPTAIN HARLOCK on Hulu!


"Shocker Gundan, Banzai!"
(I searched and didn't find this information posted in these forums.)

I never thought I'd live to see the day... All 42 episodes of Leiji Matsumoto and Rintaro's 1978 anime masterpiece, SPACE PIRATE: CAPTAIN HARLOCK is now up for viewing (fully subtitled) on Hulu courtesy of Toei Animation! This is the series that exemplified everything that the best of everything that Anime had to offer. The careful plotting, the layered characters, the wonderful teleplays, the dramatic animation, and the amazing score. CAPTAIN HARLOCK is a classic in every sense of the word! Click on the banner and join the crew of the Arcadia under the "Flag of Freedom"!


Thanks, Auggie :thumbs: The original Captain Harlock is definitely one of my all-time favorite anime shows of all time. Also, I've been thinking, since CH's been up on so many streaming sites as of late, do you think we may finally get a DVD release?