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If you’re a JRPG fan, then Bandai Namco’s Tales series needs no introduction. But even if you are, you might be unfamiliar with the title “Tales Of Luminaria” and might be thinking, “When did THAT happen? Did I miss one?” Sort of….Tales of Luminaria is a mobile game.
And go figure that of all the Tales games released by Namco in the last five years, Luminaria has to be the one to get its own anime. But just like the game, it’s free! Also, just like the game, it’s free up to a certain point.
Namco has uploaded the first ten minutes of the Tales of Luminaria anime, which officially debuts tomorrow, to the Funimation YouTube page. The full title is Tales Of Luminaria: The Fateful Crossroad, and it is produced by Kamikaze Douga x Anima. See what you think, and read on for some backstory…

Long ago, this land was home to beasts the size of mountains.
Mana overflowed from their remains, drawing people who sought that power, and civilizations sprang up. People came to revere...

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