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Knives Out is director Rian Johnson’s best movie. If you’ve seen it, you agree with me and are nodding your heads right now. If you haven’t seen it, you have no right to cast skepticism based solely on your opinions of Johnson’s other work — you have no evidence if you haven’t seen the thing, and trust me — this is not just unlike other Rian movies, it’s unlike most other movies on the market. In a good way.
To explain what makes Knives Out so good would be a crime. There’s a special place in hell reserved for people who spoil that movie. Just….see the film, and then you will know what everybody is talking about. You will understand. Trust me, it’ll be the highlight of your day.
Knives Out is so good that it puts a lot of pressure on Glass Onion, the first of two Knives Out sequels being produced by Netflix. The twists in the original were so good, I don’t see how they can be matched in a satisfying way. There’s the fact that people will be EXPECTING some kind of big twist, which...

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I love the first one and it though its weird to see Craig not playing Bond, I am sure he is happy to have a second franchise film that he actually enjoy.


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The sheer magnitude of the opulence displayed in the sets should be enough to attract those who dream about such a lifestyle to be sucked in like iron filings to a strong magnet. Personally, I rather enjoyed it.


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He quits being James Bond for this. Now there is a sequel, He finally gets to have his second franchise as an actor. Let's see if its worth it dumping Bond for this.


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If this means a movie franchise starring Daniel Craig's character as he investigates bizarre murders, count me in! Daniel Craig is perfect in every way for this part. When he was on Knives Out, he had my undivided attention.


That seems like a lot of fun. Both Daniel Craig's role and performance in Knives Out were enjoyable. I have no doubt that he will once again achieve tremendous success. I'm confident that the supporting cast will as well. Although I usually don't enjoy movies where all the important characters are famous actors, I really enjoyed the latest one because of the great cast they assembled. There isn't a lot of variety in this cast. Again, there are a lot of well-known actors, but it seems like they were cast quite deliberately.


Knives Out stands as the best modern retelling of a classic detective story, and I can only hope that more like it will be made in the future.When Daniel Craig can successfully play a character who isn't James Bond, we know he's a talented actor. I can see why this would be fun to see.


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I like that they are adding puzzles to this one and that it has a darker tone. Excellent work, Rian Johnson. Surely this is another masterpiece you've crafted.


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Incredible, right? Because neither my father nor I were expecting much from the first film, we were both pleasantly delighted by how great it was when we left the theater. Quite frankly, I can't wait for this one! However, I would like to see it in theaters in addition to streaming on Netflix.


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I did not watch Knives Out. But whoever was in charge of the casting did a good job! Even if the script was lousy, Daniel Craig would still be terrific! So far, 6000+ viewers, has given it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. We'll see if Glass Onion can top that!