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The scream that Cloud lets out at the end is far superior to what was offered in the first version, even though I'm not entirely sure about the voice direction for Zack and the other characters in this game. Although the original game can still be played today, this one is unquestionably an improvement. I can't wait until the upcoming few days.


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A remake of one of the best PSP games has been announced. Do the trailers give the impression that the story will be the same for those who have seen the first one? Or has it been altered similarly to the remake of 7? I played the original 7 before seeing the remake, and I couldn't help but think that if someone hadn't seen the original 7, some aspects of the remake, like the ending, wouldn't make sense. I'm going to buy it regardless, but I'm not sure if I should first watch a playthrough of the PSP version in case some crucial context is missed. Whether or not this will be the same story intrigues me, and I also wonder if it is best for me to have this be my introduction to it.


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I was expecting the ending to match Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so I'm now curious. I wonder if this is a hint that Zack also perished in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. I have no idea why, but I sure do hope there is a different conclusion. I was expecting the ending to resemble that of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, so I'm now intrigued. Zack deserves a happier conclusion than what was initially intended for him.

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The cost of this video game will be money well spent. One of the all-time best PSP games is thought to be this one. It was decades ahead of its time in many ways. I used to play this game on the PSP; hopefully, the PS5 version does it justice. The game is a lot of fun to play. If you enjoyed the original, even though it won't be as good as Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you must check it out.


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As a fan, this is a wonderful gift because they wanted fans to have the chance to get to know Zack before the sequel to the remake is released. Since zack will play a significant role in Final Fantasy rebirth, it makes perfect sense why they did this now. Fans have been pleading with developers for years to release Crisis Core on more platforms because it was trapped on the PSP.


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It's as if this remaster is a love letter to the PlayStation Portable game's original release. Although it's unfortunate that the voices have changed, it makes sense that after all these years, they'd look for someone new to take their place. I'm still going to buy it because I loved the first game so much. I'll probably get it for the Switch so I can enjoy the timeless gameplay on the go.

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