Watch Dogs Review

Apr 30, 2014
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Watch Dogs Review

After a lengthy delay Watch Dogs finally arrives. It’s possibly one of the most anticipated games of the year, if not the single most anticipated, so does Watch Dogs live up to its next generation promises and reach the lofty heights of the e3 demo that gamers fell in love with nearly 2 years ago?

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Jun 14, 2014
The difference in graphical fidelity between the E3 2013 version and the final product not withstanding, one-button hacking might be overly simplistic, but it does give you abilities that make playing through Aiden’s story feel powerful and fun. It basically makes you feel like a wizard or perhaps a Force wielding Jedi, depending on what you're in to.

Doing side missions and multiplayer as you make your way through the dark and lengthy story makes it feel like a huge adventure, and stealth options let you play smart if you prefer. Unfortunately for those if you who enjoy driving cars in open world games like Grand Theft Auto, will be somewhat disappointed with the very arcade car controls and overall physics.

Car chases aside, Watch Dogs is fundamentally well made and has enough in it to make it a memorable open-world action game.