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Disney had to have something planned for May the 4th, right? We were expecting the reveal of an entirely new Star Wars thing, but instead we got another trailer for a show we know is coming and will be here by the end of the month. The show is called Obi-Wan Kenobi, and you can guess what it’s about.
It’s the midpoint between 2005 and 1977. Palpatine and Vader rule the galaxy. Being a Jedi is a death sentence, and nobody dares perform lightsaber tricks in public — unless they’re a Sith, who also get lightsabers (pretty red ones!) Ben Kenobi, the focus of our story, hides out on Tattooine while the Empire searches constellation after constellation for him. It’s a futile effort because canonically, Vader can never figure out he’s on Tattooine — but evidently Ben steps off his hiding planet at some point because this trailer highly suggests he and his former apprentice have a little meeting.

Ewan McGregor returns as Obi-Wan, reprising the role he played in the prequels, and so does...

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Under My Spell
I hope this will Help redeem Hayden Christiansen's career because the prequel trilogy kind of ruins his life.. This should be the redemption he needed.


Money Heister
I was one of the people who had been hating of the prequel trilogy but I am excited on this one.


What does the Fox say?
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Disney Plus knows how to feed the Star Wars junkies. Ewan MacGregor has to be in the movie. His presence provides "stability". Make sure there are lightsabers and then everything else will fall into place. LOL.


Blinding Lights
I feel scammed by this show. They promised me Obi Wan but they gave more focus to a new female character introduced on this show.

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