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Games Workshop held its annual Warhammer Skulls event today and revealed many dew details about the future of Warhammer. The largest bits of info were the reveals of three brand-new Warhammer video games, each from a separate genre.
First off, a Warhammer RPG is on the way from Owlcat Games, the makers of Pathfinder. The game will be called Rogue Trader and it will be set from an overhead three-quarters perspective, with turn-based combat and four team members: the Rogue Trader mentioned in the title, a Space Wolf, a Sister of Battle and an Aeldari Ranger. Rouge Trader will be out at an unspecified time. The other two were given 2023 release windows, so we must assume this one won’t be finished until later than that.
Why no one thought to marry the oldschool, beefy, violent shoot-em-up genre with Warhammer until now is beyond us, but here it finally is: Warhammer 40k Boltgun, an FPS in the spirit of Doom whre you’re handed a Boltgun and told to just go nuts with it. This one will...

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