[Wanted] Souchaku Henshin


Hey fellow Toku fans,

now im trying to find the "Siren Builder" candy toy set Anyone know of a good site for these. im checking yahoo japan, but the only ones on there are going a little too high.
thanks for any help
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Dark Kabuto

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Shadow-I think your best bet now is to either wait for a re-stock(Though the chances of that happening are slim to non) or try using a middle man service.


i sent a few emails to some sites about any kind of a restock, and most have sent a very long no,lol:disappoin. tryin to hold on the middle man service till around the end of march start of april. last few times i used it, ended up costing me alot more than i thought it ever would. but i will keep my eyes open for something to pop up or out, however it shows itself. thanks for the help, and if anyone wants to know i can match the toy-wave price if they want to sell.


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How much are you willing to pay? I sometimes come across the exclusives at hobby shops (this is how I got my SH Wing Form figure.)


have you ever seen the rare COOR SH DARK KABUTO

the coor dark kabuto is really rare, really nice too

i got one in japan, almst 90. us thoughm pretty rare,

there reissuing it in march for the regualr line


dont have any of those, and they are nice, but the SH figures go very well with the rest of my collection via height and stuff.