Wanted: Kamen Rider Mask Collection Vol.3 - Faiz

Hi all,

Looking for the Kamen Rider Mask Collection Vol.3, but only Faiz, and (although unlikely), the secret Faiz Blaster Form.

Don't need box/packaging, as long as the heads are in good shape, and that the base is included. I don't need a light-up base, but I'd require that the included base says "Vol.3" on it, since it's the series that the Faiz masks came in.

Just to clarify, it'd be the two Faiz ones that would go with these:

Please PM me if you have the two for sale; or alternatively, we might be able to work out a trade for some morphers/changers I have for sale here.

I have plenty of feedback on multiple Transformers forums, and as well as on eBay. I can provide those if requested.

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