Nov 14, 2010
in Kamen Rider W, among the main antagonists, we have the Sonozaki family (sans Raito/ Philip of course). Among, them, we have Wakana, who for most of the series, is more interested in her radio show than her family's work. She's the subjects of experiments from her family and their associates, and even if she joins the Gaia impact project at the end, it's obvious that she's used. Besides, even when she tries to stop being Claydoll Dopant, her father forces her to get back her Gaia Memory. Besides, her sister doesn't like her. Lastly, she's obviously a pawn in Utopia's horrible plan. Lastly, more than once, her good and innocent heart shows itself, especially when Philip is concerned, climaxing with her final sacrifice for him.
However, she's a Dopant, and during her father's Gaia Impact arc , she's one of the main antagonists, trying to get Philip to be sacrificed, doing often nasty stuff. And even before that, she was a witness of her father and sister's nasty wirk without really revolting, and she showed a brutal side (notably at the beginning of episode 13, when she crushes one of her stalkers).
So, Wakana: Villainess (bad girl), victim (good girl twisted by an unforgiving background), or both? You decide (and no, I consider Ryubee and Saeko as villains , even if at the end they're victims; because they mostly had an evil heart)
No Fear, No Pain.
Dec 22, 2010
Both. She changed alot in that series and went through all kinds of crazy ****. Worked out in the end though...sorta...well close enough.