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Just out of curiosity, is anybody here familiar with this rare and very little known kid's show from the late 80's?. It's called "Vitsie the Videositter" or "Vitsie Videositter".

If you were, the show looked something like this.

This is part 1 of a full episode split into 3 parts, so if you want to watch the full episode go ahead. You should be able gdjidoji
As I said, this is a very rarely know kids show from the late 80's so even if you did grow up in the 80's I can't blame you too much if you're not familiar. And I wasn't very familiar with this show too because after all I'm British and I guess Vitsie Videositter never got an international release. But I discovered her when I was watching this video called "Top 10 Creepiest Things On the Internet".

Vitsie the Videositter is at number 4 of the list. At fist I was interested but later I was having trouble getting my head around why this show is on the creepy list. What the narrator said was the reason why Vitsie the Videositter was so creepy is because of the lack of information on the show on the internet. He says there has only been 3 episodes of this show known to exist, and he doesn't even know who the cast members are or even if they're still alive.

Well he's right, 3 episodes WERE known to exist but my personal theory is, at the end of the Dinosaurs episode (you'll find it in part 3), Vitsie says "If you enjoyed this video, you may enjoy some of my other videos too, like Ocean Life and Outer Space". This suggests that there were meant to be 3 episodes for the time and MAYBE they were going to make some more episodes but they never came to fruition.

Oh and there were also some CD Roms for the PC. Maybe these didn't sell well either?

After the outro, we see the names of the people involved in the making of the video. Vitsie's actress's name is Andrea Matheny. I tried Googling "Andrea Matheny" and "Andrea Matheny Vitsie" and I could only find pictures of faces that belonged to people called Andrea Matheny, but I don't know if any of them played Vitsie.

Will the Real Vitsie Videositter Please Stand Up!!!? We're gonna have a problem here!! :p

Maybe the actress decided that acting wasn't her sort of thing and decided to live a more private life?

The reason why not many people are familiar with Vitsie is probably because Vitsie was directly released to VHS tape rather than aired on TV, and the VHS tapes might have had poor sales possibly due to poor or lack of advertising. But I could be wrong. If you're unfamiliar with this show, I'm about as familiar with this show as you are. I have found this interesting website though. The creator of Vitsie is Steve Lomas and I think this is his website and his portfolio, which has a mention of Vitsie on it..

Also the Vitsie video I linked to is released by Simitar Entertainment, which according to their Wikipedia page went bankrupt and shows no mention of Vitsie.

So, Vitsie is a very obscure children's show, with not a lot of infomation on the internet, not even a Wikipedia page. But is that enough for this show to be creepy aside from that she looks like a Female Ronald McDonald with weird glasses?

What do YOU think? Do you find Vitsie creepy? Did you used to watch these videos as a kid? Did you find Vitsie creepy then or did you find her nothing more than cool and you think it's a shame only 3 episodes were ever made and you think it would be cool if more episodes would be made. Maybe Vitsie had so much more to share with us that she never got the chance to.



Hey! So I may or may not have made an account just to get to the bottom of this whole Vitsie thing, buuuut after digging up information, I think I've found the whereabouts of the actress now? I went onto yearboook . com and looked up Andrea Matheny, which there aren't many of. I found someone who graduated high school back in 1985, in Iowa, who now goes by Andrea Foroughi. I looked for more on her and turns out after high school, she went to the University of Minnesota --- Simitar Entertainment was based in Minnesota, too, and not too far away. These videos were recorded 1988/1989, around the time she went to UM. I'm guessing she took a job as Vitsie there while she was doing school, to pay her tuition? Now she's a history professor at Union College in New York. Look her up, Andrea Foroughi. There's a picture of her on her Union College professor page. If you look at her face from the nose down, she has all the same features as the actress in the videos. Upwards-pointed nose, long thin lips, and same jaw structure. Mystery solved? Probably.


Mystery solved... Or is it??

Just out of curiosity, is anybody here familiar with this rare and very little known kid's show from the late 80's?. It's called "Vitsie the Videositter" or "Vitsie Videositter".

Some people think Vitsie is credited to an actress named Andrea Matheny who no one can find much on.

I suggest however, with only circumstantial evidence, that Vitsie is actually played by Annie Potts. The jaw line and the voice are exactly the same as Potts's, at the time the video was shot. Around the time the video was shot, Potts was doing tons of industrial work like this. According to my theory, Potts was heading into her third divorce at the time. I think she hated working on Vitsie but needed the cash for handling the divorce, so she Alan Smithee'd the project but cashed the paycheck anyway.

Here is a video shot around 1988 when Vitsie Videositter was released:


And here she is five years after Vitsie:


I have no insider information on this, I'm just a random Internet neckbeard with a weird obsession for this video.
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Here are the following conclusions I found when I was researching the Vitsie series;

1. The Vitsie series is the most obscure direct-to-video series ever.
2. Vitsie was played by Andi Matheny (who currently runs an acting school in St. Petersburg, Florida).
3. The idea of the Vitsie series came shortly after the Max Headroom Incident of 1987.
4. The series was filmed at an kinda-disclosed warehouse location in southern California (Santa Monica, to be exact), which would explain the blue screen.
5. Black Ranger RX was right; the series was made by self-described idea mechanic Steve Lomas (who currently runs MojoMediaPros).

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