VIOLENCE ACTION: Kanna Hashimoto Toplines Toichiro Suto’s Live Action Adaptation This Summer!

Mar 5, 2013
I was actually looking up something entirely different other than what you see in the headline and thumbnail. And that’s basically what you get when you stumble your way down a rabbit hole of a particular subject matter…
And so what did I get? Boom! A first look teaser featuring Kanna Hashimoto in Toichiro Ruto’s latest comedy, Violence Action. The film takes its cues from the webcomic of the same name by author duo Renji Asai and Shin Sawada, and is directed by Ruto who also penned the script with Itaru Era.
Possible plot details aren’t fully available for those of us unwise to the deets of the manga, but the gist of it here is that Hashimoto plays Kei Kikuno, a student at a vocational school who works part time as a contract killer.
Hashimoto is no stranger when it comes to plying her trade physically demanding roles, and it certainly shows in works such as Yuichi Fukuda’s two live-action Gintama films, as well as From Today, It’s My Turn!! and Shinsuke Sato’s Kingdom, to...

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Jan 26, 2006
I read the Manga and Kay's Pink hair looks weird in live action but I am interested because I never thought this one will have a live action movie.
Froggy Afternoon
Aug 4, 2005
I just watched it days ago and it is better than Hollywood adaptations of Manga and Anime.