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One of the weirder projects we’ve run across is a tribute to Attack On Titan from the Prescription For Sleep series. This series, created by music producers Scarlet Moon, has eleven installments so far, each one reinterpreting the soundtrack of a popular video game as smooth jazzy music to fall asleep to. The next album in the series, announced last month, pivoted to anime and picked a subject about as far from relaxing as you can get.
Attack On Titan is about a massive, bloody war between the survivors of humanity and the widely grinning naked giants that like to trample and eat them (the situation eventually changes somewhat, but that’s a spoiler). Scarlet Moon producer Jayson Napolitano admits even without the startling elements, this is an unorthodox swerve for the series. “I came to enjoy Attack on Titan pretty late, right before season 2, so I haven’t been waiting nearly as long as most fans out there,”
“This is the first time we’ve produced an album in the series that does...

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