Vinland Saga Season 2 Premieres On Crunchyroll

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This Anime is very violent and brutal but I cannot stop watching it. Thorfinn had a fascinating hero's journey.
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I wouldn't have predicted that the second season would be so much more promising than the first. It appears that not only the compositing, but also the lighting and animations have been amplified. MAPPA.Vinland Saga is undeniably a masterpiece, and there aren't a lot of shows that can be categorized as masterpieces. The work of director Shuhei Yabuta and his team on this project merits praise. Beginning with the underlying principles and proceeding to the aesthetics, I am extremely excited for the upcoming season.


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The majority of viewers who watch the Vinland Saga for the action are unlikely to enjoy this aspect of the plot, as the entire arc focuses on developing and constructing the characters in an intriguing manner. I am relieved that they are adapting this arc because it does not contain as much action and focuses more on world building than I had anticipated.


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I like to watch more in-depth and thought-provoking anime, such as the Vinland Saga. This type of anime series is extremely rare. I'd like to thank Studio Mappa for dedication to make this anime. The first season was fantastic. The realistic action sequences, politics, and realism of the show set it apart from other anime shows and contributed to its overall uniqueness. A show's ability to shock its audience through written word alone, rather than actual action scenes, can be used to identify good writing.


I'm crossing my fingers for a successful second season. We owe it to this community to support it and give it high marks. Please disregard the fact that there won't be as much action as in the first season, as he will primarily be a pacifist, and instead focus on the character development of our beloved Thorfinn.


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This trailer contains many scenes of reflection rather than action, indicating that the filmmakers recognize the importance of this arc to Thorfinn's character development and the progression of the story's themes. The trailer effectively conveys the brutality as well as the beauty of the Vinland Saga. The artwork is as sharp as ever, with no discernible changes in style. This arc will be monumental and breathtaking.


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The debut season was superb. When I first started watching the show, I had no idea what it was about, but I couldn't help myself. I really hope season 2 is good and they decide to keep animating the show.


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Unquestionably one of the best adult anime series for viewers over the age of eighteen wanting a compelling narrative and nuanced character interactions. The Vinland Saga is stuck in my head. It's a fucking masterpiece, to be exact. The extraordinary character arc of Thorfinn surprises everyone. This is coming from a manga reader and anime viewer.

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