Vinland Saga Season 2 Announced For January 9 Premiere

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The violent medieval Norseland anime Vinland Saga is coming back for more tales filled with revenge and flying viscera. Crunchyroll confirmed as much when they released the new trailer and announced a release date for the first episode, simulcast from Japan on January 9, 2023.
The first season of Vinland Saga introduced viewers to Torfinn. Throughout the season, Torfinn’s only goal was to kill his archenemy Askeladd, the man who murdered his father. As Season 2 opens (spoilers for Season 1), Askeladd is finally dead — but Torfinn didn’t do the deed. Denied his revenge, the man now wonders what his purpose is.
Someone else thought “your purpose is to be my slave, since slavery is alive and well in Denmark during this era.” He’s captured by landowner Ketil and forced to toil on his farmland. But there, Torfinn meets Einar, a fellow slave who convinces him to find new meaning. While that’s going on, Canute has been crowned King of England and is setting his sights on Demnark as part...

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I find this show more culturally accurate than that live action show "Vikings" Japanese writers are more dedicated when it comes to researching about culture of another country.


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If season 2 doesn't have as many outrageous fights as season 1 had, I hope they don't end it there. It explores many complex subjects and takes the reader on a growth voyage. Additionally, other seinens like Berserk and Vagabond might have some possibility of receiving a true anime too if the entire Vinland Saga is successfully animated at some point. This arc is gorgeous. After all the killings and misery he brought about during his time as a soldier, we got to see how devastated Thorfinn was. The manga version has by far the best character development and It should translate in animation.
If you guys live in Asia and cannot afford subscribing to Crunchyroll. There is a Legal way to watch Vinland Saga. The YouTube channel Muse Asia have the legal rights to stream Vinland Saga for people in Asia legally. They paid the copyright owners. Sorry for Dub lovers though because MuseAsia only have subs. I think MuseAsia Youtube channel is not available outside Asia so Crunchy Roll and Funimation are your only options. I think Some countries have Vinland Saga on Netflix too but not all countries.


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Season 2 is going to be incredibly uplifting and comforting, I have a feeling. Thorfinn has always been a really reclusive character, so I'm forward to watch how he evolves. My ears sing when I hear about world building and character development because I just watch anime and don't read manga. I would prefer if anime adaptations did not omit this as much as season 2 of Shield Hero has. Even if some people find the entire story to be "rudimentary," I want to know it all.

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I am Anime only, I try to avoid internet most of the time when it comes to Vinland Saga. It is refreshing to me to see an Anime that represents a culture barely shown in Anime.


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So this Season is going to be boring because there will be less fights and more " World Building". The so called "World Building" is the reason I quit watching Rwby because they have a full episode where characters are just inside the living room having a conversation on couches. I do not want that to happen here. I might end up skipping episodes if there will be less action.

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I will definitely watch this on Netflix, that is where I watched the first season. I cannot afford to subscribe to more services. I am already paying money for my VPN.
If you guys love watching Chainsawman, You should watch this because its the same company. Studio Mappa is really good at making Anime serials. I can't remember a single bad Anime made by this company. How I hope my endorsement is enough to convince you to watch this.

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