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Algo Fonix

Actually back this time
Pretty entertaining stuff, seeing some people have like nothing but porn and then a random copy of Photoshop.


Just Scratch Behind the Ears
That would be more entertaining if I didn't clear my personal and router's history and cache on a regular basis. All it got for me was the latest two episodes of Gokaiger that I got from Over-Time.


All your FACES are belongs to ME!!!
[ame=""]The Hub Carolers [] - YouTube[/ame]

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Eye See You
Got all ze **** wrapped and under the tree.

One a good note: My bro/his gf/daughter were talking with my parents again, came over, everything went well, had dinner.

24 hours later

My mom catches them talking with my dad about him helping them pay for a fucking condo.... My Father is a fucking idiot. Instead of telling his son to go get a fucking job he tries to pull this ****. My Mom flipped. All hell broke loose.

Everything is back to what is was. Hurray. I'm at the point where I no longer give a **** about these people anymore. But I can thank them for helping me see what having a family does to a person. **** children, **** family.

I will be happy the way I am, alone, nobody's bullshit to deal with and I am thankful for this. It's just the sex part I miss but algo's new website does help.

Oh so nice... For Futurama fans.. ;)


Futurama is the only show that I can pit against American Dad as top contendor for greatest show.


Well, I switched to Google Chrome. I'd rather use FireFox, but lately it's been acting up. Even IE was faster than Firefox. Although I'm starting to like Chrome. I never knew there were so many apps. Only thing I'd really want in Chrome is tree tabs...

Dark Kabuto

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So far, one of my favrioute scenes in Yakuza 4:

[ame=""]Yakuza 4 - Chapter 2: The Ueno-Seiwa Clan Hit - YouTube[/ame]

Forever Knight

Eye See You
@Zander, get a few pillows, stuff them under ur shirt, get a pair of glasses and you can go as Newman when he was in Jurassic Park. Him or Samuel L. Jackson's character.


So I thought some more and after he gave me some sympathy last night after work ( I ended up spending my entire shift outdoors, late night, in assbitingly cold weather ) I figured I do owe it to my brother to get him something nicer this year for a gift ... only, I can't figure out what. He's already bought himself half of what he wants, anyway, including a phone :shakefist

Either way, I can't make the decision until Thursday when I get paid.

@dchoc: OMG. /dies
So my talk show self is a cross between Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres?
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