Viewing Globe BLACK RX: Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

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Ultraman Saga wants you
dig this, Hoobastank is coming to play a concert at the Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers on Friday!
And for free!!

And the cherry on top, my office is just next to the place :D

and the Wonder Girls are rumored to perform as well
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It's over 8,000!
I only got one fourth of the video... What happened?

I'm going for the region change. I should take advantage of it.

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Alright, cool photo time. Wanted to post this, but it didn't belong in the LOL thread.




Man you guys were talking about the weather trolling us... it was snowing when I left for work and raining when I came back -.-

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Is not impressed right now...
A TON of great stuff has been coming out on Netflix Instant Streaming these past couple weeks: Trigun, Fullmetal Panic, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Shin Chan, Initial D, Lord of the Rings, Mystery Team, Hot Tub Time Machine, Stargate Universe Season 2, and a bunch of other stuff.

I'm never canceling my Netflix subscription. This **** is better than TV! :buttrock:


So I was thinking... is there like a shoelace lobby or something? Its the only way I can explain every day shoes still being saddled with this INFERIOR mode of fastening footwear to our foot. I can't believe a civilisation as advance has our has to stick to pieces of string to keep our shoes on! I waste WAY too many time re-tieing my shoe laces its annoying, and then I get home and suddenly they don't want to come undone and I have to fight to be freed!

Devilish serpentine miniature terror! CURSES!

I can understand laces on fancy shoes and boots but every day stuff?

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Actually back this time
It'll be getting to me in a few weeks, I figure. Last year was horrible. I was probably not bothered by my allergies like two weeks out of the whole Spring. :(


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I think I'd rather have a cold now rather than this Canker sore.
Got medicine for it, but it stings soo much.
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