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Development studio Bad Bones is now hard at work on the 3D shooting game VergeWorld. The title has retro inspirations, and when we say retro, we mean it — they have experience.
The game has a very unusual development history, in that it started on the Amiga — yes, a computer from the 1980s. The programmers were involved in the Amiga demo scene and wanted to see if they could get voxel graphics running on the computer. Voxel is a form of 3D that is less demanding than polygon 3D (yet kinda looks worse, with everything rendered as a block). Many of these blocks put together at calculated positions can simulate a mountain or canyon. And through this method, they did manage to get a playable 3D shooter on the Amiga:

Just for funsies they decided to see if they could get the same thing running on the Sega Genesis — a console even more underpowered than the Amiga. They managed to do...

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Nostalgia market is growing that we now have games like this that intentionally have dated graphics.