Why is every good TV show Cancelled
Jun 20, 2010
Alright, so I hope this is in the right forum, but anyway...

So, I generally collect region 1 TV shows/ film in DVD or Blu-ray format, music CDs & old Playstation. Basically just the stuff that I like.

(I think I've formally decided that the PS4 I got last fall will likely be the last new game system I ever buy. I'm just not enjoying new Video games as much as I used to & there are still plenty of old games I still want. Plus, series' that I got into before that are still making sequels are tending to be kind of underwhelming lately, not that I don't enjoy them.)

But, what is sort of overwhelming is trying to figure out what to get on a budget with potential deadlines looming before things I want become unavailable.

I haven't had a regular home internet connection from fall 2013 until just this past month, so I had missed out on a lot of PS3 content when the system was still new. Not that I'm really into multiplayer. But, in 2018, I figured out an overcomplicated rig to allow me to take my PS3 (now, my PS4, as well) to the local library & get everything using their WiFi. I downloaded the first Alice game, all single player DLC for Assassin's Creeds 2, Brotherhood, 3 & 4, Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light & the extra tomb for Tomb Raider 2013.

After that, I stopped because I got paranoid that I would run out of space on my PS3. I even got rid of my downloaded copies of Assassin's Creed 1 & 3 & replaced them with physical copies to save space & only planned to aquire 3 more games, at most.

But, I did the math. I have 47GB left. Turns out, I can still switch out my copy of Diablo 3 for a Reaper of Souls edition, buy the remaining 4-6 physical games that I really want, get all available patches & DLC, download all 6 other download-only games from the PS Store & get all 5 PSP & Vita games that I'm interested in for when I get a Vita this fall & I don't think I'll have even used half of the remaining 47GB.

But, the PS5 is coming & both the PS3 & Vita are defunct systems, so I'm a bit paranoid that thing will be taken off the store. I don't have much extra income to spare & it could take me most of the rest of the year, just to do that much. Plus, I'm putting other things I wanted to focus on on hold to do so.

Even worse, I wasn't paying particularly close attention & only just found out that Shout has halted production on the Sentai DVDs. I can't tell if they've ceased production for good, or not, but I was interested in buying, at the very least, GoGoV & Timeranger, if not also OHranger, Megaranger, Gaoranger & Hurricanger. Maybe Gingaman too.

On top of that, I need to replace my copy of Lightspeed Rescue. When I bought my Seasons 8-12 box set, I got a cheap one & it came, albeit, with all discs intact, but someone had dropped it, a corner of the box was caved in & the Lightspeed case isn't just broken, but completely shattered to the point where I dread taking it out to watch it will destroy whatever is left one day.

I've already run into stupid issues like this in the past that piss me off. I'd started collecting Buffy DVDs as an adult & they discontinued the versions I was buying before I could get seasons 3 & 5. They almost immediately disappeared from every concievable place that I could get them- even locally & I was forced to buy mismatching copies. They work, but it's still annoying & I'm not rebuying the entire series for such a stupid reason.

I also waited until just last year to start looking for the British Scifi series, Primeval. Some Ahole(s) was trying to gouge prices on the American sets. I was lucky enough to gouge him back, given that he got so tired waiting for a buyer that he lowered prices to a reasonable level, buy then raised them back up when I started buying them. I got them in an unconventional order to throw him, but missed out on the 4th set. It was originally available for $14, but as soon as I started buying them, he the price suddenly went up to about $100, so I never bought it. All well, since I have no idea whether it's even good or not. I never saw much of it & it was more of a spin-off, taking place entirely in Canada, instead of England.

And then there are the shows that I start watching & like, which get cancelled after only 1 season. Used to be that they'd usually put out a DVD, unless it was a sitcom or a kids show, but they don't even do that anymore in this country. I've had Believe, The Passage, Reverie, Hooten & the Lady, Making History potentially lost to me because I can't get those one-off DVDs, so far & it's becoming harder & harder to find safe alternatives recently.

So, that's all I wanted to say. Just generally a bit confused, annoyed and overwhelmed, wondering what to focus on. What's up with you guys?