This is a podcast made with the premise of semi-spontaneous conversations and roundtables with people I know. Each episode has a given topic, but the podcast itself is about almost anything. It's a thing I've wanted to do since last year, as a personal side project outside of WTF@TFW.

Only big caveat is that its release schedule is entirely unscheduled. :laugh: Hopefully will be a bit of fun, though!

01 – Apollo Change! – April 18 2011
02 – Dead Spaced – April 22 2011
03 – Dead Spaced 2 – April 22 and July 18 2011
04 – Toyetic Videodrome – June 2 2011
05 – Robovention XLR – June 4 2011
06 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt1 – April 21 2012
07 – Massively Effected Cubed Pt2 – April 21 2012
08 – The LEGO Movie Roundtable – Feb 8 2014
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Inui Takumi

The Ends JustiΦ's the Means
Awesome, cant wait to listen to it. Honestly, Im not good with scary games so I probably wont ever play them, even though i have DS1. should be a good listen.

Inui Takumi

The Ends JustiΦ's the Means
Damn you guys. That episode is making me this close to sucking it up and playing through Dead Space. Seems so interesting when you guys described it. Great job!

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