Vangelus Review 125 - TF Collection 6 - G1 Megatron


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[ame=""]YouTube - Vangelus Review 125 - TF Collection 6 - G1 Megatron[/ame]

Kaji Motomiya

This is the SECOND review of yours that I've watched (the first being the Drossel figma, which I've quite fallen in love with....again) BECAUSE it's

A) Megatron (I'm a Decepticon fan. Decepticon by choice! All hail lord Megatron!!)
B) G1 Megatron (not a fan of the trigger crotch toy compared to the cartoon version, but I love me some G1 Megatron gun none the less lol)
C) It's review #125 (A multiple of 5 and 25....okay, that had nothing to do with it lol)

I bet if I searched for this on eBay to splurge on (with money, not "mayo"), I will cry more tears than when I watched the J-DRAMA "ROOKIES" (not really, but the prices DO sadden me...). None the less, I love how you absolutely make this as humorous and informative as possible, even in the Drossel figma review, and kept me glued just to watch you shoot red plastic bullets!


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Loved that review, cuz I had that toy. I use him as a toy gun plenty as well as his cannon. The stand fits pretty good in your hand to use it as a blaster of its own.

I used to use him and Galavatron and pretend I was a Target Master. :sweat: