Vangelus Review 100 - The Dragonzord


[ame=""]YouTube - Vangelus Review 100...[/ame]
A bit of a prelude, telling the story of how I found The Dragonzord when I was a little kid. Which leads in to...

[ame=""]YouTube - Vangelus Review 100 - The Dragonzord[/ame]

Here's to the triple-digits! :D

And a combined version for!

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Holy Hell, nostalgia bomb!! I remember having one when I was a kid.

oh and congrats on sweet 100.

Inui Takumi

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Man, I cant wait to see this. I'll wait for the HD version so I can see the Dragonzord in all its Hi-Def glory.

Congrats on a century of reviews......wait, that aint right. Congrats on Review 100! May there be 100 more. :thumbs:


HD is awake! I also annotated that I hardcore messed up on the non-zord contents of the box. I admit I only really researched the robotic bits. D:


The only zords I ever owned were the red Thunderzord and the Falconzord, so I missed out on all of the Gattai-ing goodness. Kinda makes me want to pick up the 2010 Megazord, especially if we have a Dragonzord in our future.

Dark Kabuto

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I didn't get into buying DX MEgazords till Zeo came around...either that or I could never find Dragonzord and MEgazord where I lived.

Until I got my hands on the 2010 Dino Megazord, as a child the closest thing I had to the MEgazord and the Dragon Zord was a non combining one that had a firing rocket punch gimmick and a motorized non transforming Dragon Zord...which I didn't even think came from Bandai.