Vampire in the Garden could be the next big hit of Wit Studio. After they lost the Final Season of Attack on Titan to MAPPA. They lost space on the Apocalyptic Anime Market, but this could be their chance to get it back. Once the Final Season of SNK ends, there will be a void in the market. Wit Studios collaborated with Netflix to make their following vision a fixture on our screens. The first official trailer shows promise, and I can’t wait to strain my eyes through my screen again. Vampire in the Garden is an original Anime, so there is no Manga to catch up with. You won’t need to worry about Manga readers who spread spoilers online because everyone will be watching with no prior knowledge.
As long as people watch, the production will continue because it is a Netflix original.
Vampire in the Garden official Trailer

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Original Anime that is not based from a Manga, Book or Video Game is rare these days. Momo reminds of Emma from Finding Neverland. I hope she is not going to be a weakling for Fine.


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My kids introduced me to “Attack on Titan”. The storyline is interesting. Even though I don't like vampires, if it's the same folks who did “Attack on Titan”, I think it is worth a look-see. Also, I've never seen an “original anime” before. The ones I know of are all based on a manga. Cool!


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No Manga Spoilers! This is what I love about Original Anime! I had been Manga spoiled so many times but Manga fans who can't keep it to themselves.


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I can see this being a hit in the US but wont be a hit in Japan. Japanese people are usually more attached to their Dere tropes and these characters are too westernized. Maybe it is intended for the International Audience.