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As of today, there’s one more virtual tabletop (VTT) service you can play Vaesen and Symbaroum on. Free League has announced they’ve released versions of these two games that work on Foundry.
In Vaesen, based on the creations of Swedish illustrator and author Johan Egerkrans, you and your friends play paranormal investigators in the 19th century who happen to be somewhat paranormal themselves. You have the gift known as “the Sight” which means you can spot extradimensional phenomena that would be invisible to most people. Usually, this will take the form of horrible monsters you’ll be forced to do battle with. But it’s all in a day’s work.
Symbaroum is the long-running dark fantasy game where you explore the vast world of Davokar on a quest for treasure, secrets and fame. It’s worth noting only the Core Rulebook and Starter Set are on Foundry….none of the expansions appear to be there. But there’s plenty to do just with the core tools.
Vaesen and Symbaroum join the other Free...
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