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Mar 20, 2012


"Ultraman is one of my greatest childhood heroes. We’re honored to be embarking on this mission to bring this family of characters back to the world stage"
- Jeff Gomez, CEO of Starlight Runner Entertainment

According to an exclusive report by the Hollywood Reporter, Tsuburaya has done a deal with an American company called Starlight Runner Entertainment to reboot the Ultraman franchise for markets outside of Japan (I guess they'll keep on as normal at home).

Starlight Runner Entertainment is a "transmedia production" company (nope, no idea what that means either), which has created digital tie-ins to movies for the likes of Disney, 20th Century Fox, and Sony Pictures. Starlight will also be in charge of licensing and merchandising outside of Japan (maybe this explains why all the franchise's streaming licensing went screwy recently?).

While Starlight's main field of expertise seems to be in online media, they have said that they intend to generate interest in the Ultraman license via "new content distributed on cable, streaming and SVOD platforms", with the implication that this could take the form of a new live action series produced outside of Japan.