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Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist explores the media circus football player Manti Te’o experienced in 2012.
During his university football days, He started dating a young woman named Lennay Kekua. They never met, but she became his inspiration as a varsity football player at Notre Dame. She inspired him to perform better because of their connection, even if they had never met. Whenever he wins a football game with his team, he dedicates it to the girl he was dating online.
Te’o revealed that Lennay Kekua is a student at Stanford University. He talks about her fondly in every post-game interview, but In September 2012, he said she passed away. The media sympathized with him when he said she died of Leukemia. 
Then suddenly a reporter found out that his girlfriend doesn’t exist. She is a...

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The entire world owes this man an apology. He is due an apology from the media. As I watched, I was shocked by what happened to the guy and how the internet erupted against him. I am repulsed by how people behave. I cried reading this, and I'm a grown man. I find it hard to believe that hordes of people call your name every week, yet not one of them stands with you when something like this occurs. Humans would argue that he should have raised the issue when he discovered the individual was a fraud, but in all honesty, no one else could have acted any differently at the time. God bless Manti Te'o, and I sincerely hope that he has a much simpler and happier life. What a wonderful man in every sense of the term. The issue is that many have just forgotten how he got treated.
He was catfished, and that person had no justification for what they did! They dared to exploit their gender to justify destroying this man's career. It negatively casts transgender individuals. No. The catfish did something terrible. Don't make an excuse; instead, own responsibility. They didn't exhibit any regret. They have tried to portray themselves as the victim.

Manti, on the other hand, is such a remarkable individual. He showed incredible maturity and forgiveness.


Love Me!
He is young, attractive, and well-liked, so why is he dating online when he could just as quickly get women off the street back then?


@Redlips Manti is a Mormon, so he have a vow of chastity and he was also busy with his football career and college studies. Dating online is the safest way for him to practice his abstinence.


The WHOLE PLANET needs to apologize to Teo! People on the internet and social media specifically targeted and mocked this guy. It's hard for me to realize that this incident occurred ten years ago. It was terrible of the catfisher to do that to him.


I can't imagine the abuse he endured—not just from the catfish, but from all the media who tried to blame him and openly questioned his sexual orientation, harming his reputation and destroying his self-confidence and self-esteem. Have any of these journalists publicly expressed regret for their part in his suffering?


British Columbia Made
The fact that the catfish plays the victim disgusted me when I watched this last night. How Manti's career was wrecked and she caused him much pain, but it's all about her finding herself. What a despicable thing to do. There should be a criminal investigation into her. if not for emotional harm. Many people I know have fought with their identity, but none of them have ever ended up destroying someone else's life in the process. Shame on him, and I hope he is constantly reminded of what a bad person and role model for the trans community he is. Who would even make friends with someone this dangerous?


Serving Lewks
Please do not blame the catfish. She didn't mean harm at all. She faked her date because she felt guilty from catfishing him. So she decided to fake her death. It is just the media tried to identify the identity of the "dead girlfriend" and that's how things escalated.


6th Ranger
That scammer should not be defended. If someone tries deceiving people for their personal gain, they do not deserve symphaty. Manti's life was almost ruined.


Froggy Afternoon
If you decide to date a stranger online, they won't engage in a real face-to-face chat. Undoubtedly, these are slimy catfishes. She only communicates with him over the phone, which is a warning sign. Never will I be taken in by someone who refuses to video chat.