Universal Taking Another Stab At Van Helsing

Peter Paltridge

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Watching Universal fumble around with their Movie Monsters over these past few years has been embarrassing. They thought copying Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe would be as simple as slapping a “DARK UNIVERSE” logo onto the front of their Mummy remake and loading it with clues and hints about movies yet to come. They forgot that the first movie has to be engaging in the first place, or no one will care.
Technically, The Invisible Man (released last February) is a Universal Monster Movie, though it doesn’t feel much like one. it is, however, the most successful attempt they’ve had in some time, so does this mean it’ll serve as a template for a Monster Stalker Universe where Dracula and the Wolfman gaslight their ex-girlfriends? They haven’t gone that insane but the film’s success does leave the concept of a monster movie open to a wider interpretation at Universal.
Today the studio announced a new Van Helsing movie is in development, directed by Julius Avery and produced by...

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