[GAME] Unhallowed Metropolis: City of Shadows Episode 1: Volatile Mix

When Ben got within view of where they had a battle yesterday he noticed that the unlicensed Undertaker was there before him. "Hey hows it going" Ben said with a wave " I dont think i caught your name last night. Well i hope that today is as fun as yesterday"
The coach traveled up to Duncan’s practice at impressive pace. He was in good spirits, Mr. Blackwood seemed to be the type to leave those loyal to him alone and his reaction to the undertaker’s rejection seemed to show what to expect if he had tried to turn down his offer. Still he wondered if it would be wise to bring this up with a government official. Leaving the coach, Duncan walked up to his practice encountering the Nurse in his employment Ms. April Falon, just leaving the practice. She stopped in place and greeted the doctor.

“Good evening Dr. Lavoisier how was your appointment?â€

“As well as to be expected but I didn’t resolve the issue. They may request my time more frequently.â€

“Well I’m prepared to fill in, if needed.â€

“Thank you April, your assistance is invaluable to my practice. Oh did come you come across anything remarkable, while I was out?â€

“Well a Mr. Stevenson seemed very interested in receiving anti-aging treatments, though when I mentioned the price of those procedures and post-treatments he got a bit cross. He’s already booked another appointment with you; I think he’s going to badger you to lower price.â€

“How bothersome, I’ll have to get June to reschedule.â€

With that Duncan wished the nurse a good evening and entered the practice and met with his secretary June. She had decided to wait for the doctor’s return and informed him of the large animates corpse that now rested in his morgue. After seeing June out, Duncan turned his attention to the large animates corpse. He couldn’t possibly leave it any longer, the impossible construct of a corpse held many secrets that had to be uncovered.

Duncan wheeled the corpse into his makeshift laboratory, changing into his lab coat as moved into the room. Observing it for just a moment he thought about how small it looked. It was really just whatever hadn’t been confiscated from his mother’s laboratory after she passed away pieced together in this smaller room. He was always so focused on the work at hand to notice, but the thought of expanding it filled him with excitement.

Duncan began his research into the animate slowly with very limited non-invasive testing. He sampled the blood, saliva and bone marrow from as many of the stitched segments he could identify. From these samples he treated them with chemical reagents and mechanical force to purify the genetic material. The analysis itself was fairly simple if time consuming.

[HIDE]2d10 + thanatology
(1 + 2 + 2)
5 = Failure[/HIDE]

Examining plague ridden nucleic acid and protein was always frustrating, the virus integrated itself into practically every cells genome at a semi-random locations. Trying to make sense of such a breadth of information without assistance could take weeks. Still his limited automated equipment was left comparing the samples to previous strains of the plague; perhaps he would find an interesting contrast later on.

Moving to alchemical methods he sampled and purified the components of the blood, stomach acid and saliva. First using mechanical force then a specialized filtration process and a comprehensive distillation. The fluids and some soft tissues from the animate were purified into its chemical components. The process was fairly mindless he had done the procedure again and again as part of his own research but he was captivated by the monstrosity. Was some unknown concoction was responsible for its animation.

[HIDE]2d10 + thanatology
(4 + 6 + 2)
12 = Failure[/HIDE]

As it stood however there was nothing truly unique about the creature as far as he could see. An impossible fact anyone simply looking at the thing with their own eyes could tell. It was an abnormal beast of stitched together flesh, animates naturally defied death but never to this extent. He had collected enough samples; he had to understand just how this thing functioned.

[HIDE]2d10 + thanatology
(9 + 7 + 2)
18 = Success![/HIDE]

It had been almost 12 when he had begun and now it was soon approaching the faint morning. Duncan’s night had been filled with Scalpels, bone saws and jars of preservatives. The creature had been disassembled down to its core and each and every organ and tissue sample was labelled. Duncan had looked over his notes and double checked the genetic analysis that was still ongoing.


Duncan's tireless work paid off in due time as he examined and dissected he would find small galvanic devices in it's joints likely to improve motor functions. Likewise galvanics were being used in various muscles to stimulate them further. This animate didn't just get back up. this one had been taken apart, modified and put back together. Further analysis would reveal that the legs and torso came from a different corpse than the arms and head. The head itself was most interesting, within the brain were several small tesla coils, bringing it's activity close to that of a living man's brain. Only so much could be learned from a corpse though, a live specimen could yield so much more if the opportunity came.


"The name Victor." he said looking down at the pit, it seemed peaceful in comparison to the state it was in yesterday. "Something tells me were gonna be working all day, not sure if it all is gonna be shooting stuff. Still that is the fun part of the job."


7:30 am : Nathanial's Flat

Having once again made himself breakfast, Nathanial mulled over yesterday's events. The battle was risky and drew heavily on his well honed skills. Same old stuff. It had been the rush to Blackwood's that tried his patience. After a battle like that, a drink was needed. The Dhampir needed blood. By the time he'd returned home, Nathanial was drawing on every ounce of control to keep a calm facade.

He'd nearly ripped in to the blood bag with his fangs, but managed to shakily open the top. The sweet, chilled juice would have tasted a tiny bit better warm and flowing but as his need was sated Nathanial knew he'd kill the victim in that state.

9 am : Battleground

"The name Victor." Nathanial heard as he arrived to see the unlicensed undertaker and Ben chatting.

"Pleasure to meet you Victor. Morning Ben." Nathanial smiled, though it was hidden by the respirator. "Investigation is fun. It's putting the pieces together to complete the picture. But I wouldn't mind another skirmish. I need to double check this blade. Might have to make the smith re-temper it a bit."


Despite wanting to keep a low profile and not give the rumor mill any more fodder, Ness soon found herself walking near the site of yesterday’s event.

She hadn’t really meant to go there but her mind had been full of answer-less questions about the incident and while she was distracted Tiny had lead them down the usual route that they took almost daily. Now she found herself staring at some of the same people from the day before, frozen on the spot and unsure how to proceed.

Thankfully Tiny wasn’t in the same state as his mistress and barked loudly at the gathering group to draw their attention.
Duncan couldn't help but interested in the results, he had studied galvanic and rumors that it had the potential to raise the dead. This was something altogether different, its creator had used galvanic devices to enhance this assembly of animate flesh and give the creature greater intellect. The doctor wondered if he could repeat such results with purely biological methods. The doctor had learned all he could from this sample, he would need to secure a live sample. To that end he would need to seek out Mr. Blackwell’s aid.

Dear R.B,

I am writing to inform you that I have learned much of the nature of the unusual animate. Its muscle and brain tissue have been enhanced by use of specialized galvanic devices. I have learned all that I can from the corpse but I believe that if provided with a live sample I may be able to discern a key weakness in these creatures. With this in mind I humbly request your aid, if I am successful in finding and disabling a live sample I will still need assistance in properly restraining the creature as well as protective clothing to properly examine its live galvanic devices.

Yours faithfully,
The mad doctor

Duncan winced as he signed the letter, “The Mad doctor†was far from a pen name he would willingly choose but one that would help ensure his anonymity to all but Mr. Blackwell should an outside party find the letter. After a brief nap, Duncan assigned his secretary June to deliver the letter and left his practice. Within a several minutes Duncan had met up with the group, he was somewhat surprised to see the mourner among them.

“Good morning.â€
From behind Ness, there came the light tap of a lady's shoe-heels against the street, and then the Mourner felt something touch her shoulder. "I would highly recommend muting your animal, before you're charged with disturbing the peace," Irene Plover said coolly. "Not to mention, disturbing a delicate operation." She brushed past the Mourner, throwing her a small smile as she did. It was the smile of a predator.

Irene made her way towards the rest of the group. She slinked smoothly over the ruined ground, her hips swaying enchantingly in a way that permeated her presence with a dangerous and intriguing sensuality. Death and passion filled the air around her like pheromones, and there were times when the two were not mutually exclusive. Such was an Undertaker.

One gloved hand rested on the pommel of a sword hanging from the belt of her dark rubber armour. The sunlight reflected off the surface of it with an oily sheen. The helmet was collapsed, hanging from a clip on one of her shoulder pads, leaving the Succubus's pale complexion and light brown hair exposed. "Morning, gents," she said. "Excuse my being the last to arrive."


"Pleasure to meet you Victor. Morning Ben." Nathanial smiled, though it was hidden by the respirator. "Investigation is fun. It's putting the pieces together to complete the picture. But I wouldn't mind another skirmish. I need to double check this blade. Might have to make the smith re-temper it a bit."

"I personally wouldn't mind another fight, big enough group and I stand to make a nice pile of cash from the deal. More money means bigger guns, bigger guns mean bigger targets and bigger targets means more money." he said, pretty plainly illustrating his way of thinking toward the business. "Doesn't hurt that some of the cash can be set aside to have a little fun with too."

The soldier, the undertaker and the vampire hunter, it was pretty clear that it wasn't just the money that drew them to this job, each seemed to hold a certain affinity for combat, and the rush that came with it. Some were born warriors and some were made into warriors, but all the same there was always that thrill of combat.

Thankfully Tiny wasn’t in the same state as his mistress and barked loudly at the gathering group to draw their attention.

The sheer size of the dog managed to catch Vic's eye pretty easily, and the loud bark served as a reminder that he wasn't seeing things. "Holy crap lady, is that thing part bear?" Victor never was one to mask his thoughts and observations, unless he was caught staring at a woman's ass then he would mask them pretty effectively.

"Hey doc, you're smart that thing look like it's part bear to you?" he asked Lucas when he arrived still fixated on the large dog. It wasn't until he caught a glimpse of Irene's ass that he turned his attention away from the huge dog that looked like he would eat most other dogs for lunch.

"So yeah ignoring the bear dog, just how are we planning to investigate this situation?"
"Well I'm personally going to search around this big ass hole here; if you can take remove your eyes from Irene's ass then you are welcome to join me. All the rest of you can join along to, especial that damn bear, if we have to split up down there im going with it." Ben said with a slight laugh.

"Whats you name missy, if you didnt pick it up yet my name is Ben" he said directed to the mourner. "Nice little bear you have there"

"Oh and if any of you have any connections maybe you could go check those out before you join me and who ever else who has a death wish down in the tunnels. Just thinking of this is getting my blood boiling, havent felt like this in a while the patrols have been getting boring or at least to repetitive." he said with excitement in his voice, no plan survives first contact, he knows this well so he doesnt see the point of making a complicated plan especially with people who he doesnt know how they will react.


Ness was determined to ignore Irene‘s cattiness. Ness had seen other women like her before, some because that was just how they were, others because they thought she was a threat to them over something. Ness still rolled her eyes every time she remembers one of her first jobs where the widow of the deceased insisted upon crying over the casket for the entire 3 day vigil, and complained loudly about her hardship most of that time. Either way the best course was the same, stck to your corse but say as little as possible.

“Call me Ness†the mourner replied to the soldier, her soft voice faint through her mask “His name is Tiny. I want to know what is going on... this is my neighborhood after all. Are those who live here in danger?â€

She sizes up the others gathered, they looked like a capable group but part of her was still nagging urge to stick with things to the very end “My contacts know nothing and neither do the police, since I was questioned for quite awhile yesterdayâ€

Tiny to the group then retreats to a guarding position next to his Mistress.
“I’m afraid I never studied canine breeds so can’t really say. Modern medicine can be both amazing and horrifying so I doubt the veterinarians are far behind us.â€

Duncan replied to victor with a subtle hint of sarcasm to his tone of voice. Perhaps it was just an act but he seemed completely unimpressed by the large dog and reacted to its presence as any other dog. The doctor remained silent for a brief period as Ben and Ness conversed. When the mourner brought up the question of their current investigation, Duncan decided to bring up the results of his research.

“Well I’ve examined the freakish animates corpse and I can confirm it was the product of galvanic science ruling out any possibility that this is a natural occurrence. What I suggest is capturing a living sample of these galvanic animates, I may be able to identify vulnerability or possibly even the creator from research on hand. As for locating such a sample perhaps if we compare where previous attack occurred with a map of Arkham’s sewers we can pinpoint just what sewer routes are being used to transport the animates.â€
“Galvanic-powered zombies,†Irene murmured, “that’s a new one. Almost like something out of a horror novel. Still, the doctor does have a point. If we have a map, we should be able to puzzle out the connection between where the attacks have happened.†A pause. “Does anybody here happen to have a map on them?â€


Ness clears her throat delicately before pulling out from her pocket a folded map and holding it up. “I want to be part or at least get some answersâ€

From under her veil the others can see the faintest hints of a smirk and Tiny looks excited, waging his tail fast enough to create a small breeze


"Well Doc if you want to catch one of those things alive I can do that, I usually shoot'em dead but I got the equipment to bring in a live one, provided we can find one. " Vic told the doctor as the group continued to attempt to cobble together some form of plan. "Ness right? Consider what I saw ya do with those blades I dont think anyone is gonna object to having you around."

"All right considering all our options were probably better off splitting up to cover all the bases. I got contacts throughout the city, we can use them to relay messages back an forth if needed we just gotta figure out who is going where, and what they are doing." he said, having mulled it over for a bit.

"So uhhh I guess me and Doc will handle tracking down another big one and bringing it in alive, Ben here already decided he wants to go down into the whole. Now we just need to figure out what Nathaniel, Irene and our mourner friend here wanna do. "


Nathaniel pondered his options silently. Turning to the mourner, Ness, he bowed politely. "I am Nathaniel. I wish to thank you for the assistance you gave during the battle. It was most impressive and welcome."

Nathaniel turned to Victor. "I suggest we stay in groups of two or more. No single person... that won't end well." He paused a moment to survey the group before flashing a grin at Ben. "With that said, I will journey with Ben and explore the hole."
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“Well, sounds like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders,†said Irene, giving Nathaniel a flirtatious look. “If you’re going down into the depths with soldier boy and Mister Darville is accompanying the doctor, then I suppose that leaves myself, Miss Ness and her…mascot, to canvas the area and see what information we can glean that way. All agreed?â€


"Looks like we got things figured out then. We got Ben and Nathaniel going into the sewer to find where the dead heads came from. Me and Doc will stake out areas ,according to Blackwood, will likely be attacked next to try and bring down one of those big ones and the gals will be gathering info for us. Lets meet back here at five or six or something like that. " Vic said, mostly for his own benefit so he wouldn't forget. "Oh!" he began rummaging around in his coat for something before pulling out what looked like a business card, except lacking any text having only a symbol vaguely resembling a completely black bird and offering it to Irene and Ness. "Keep an eye out for this symbol, it will be a tattoo or something sewn into the clothes, probably wont notice if you aren't looking for it. Tell them Brimstone sent ya and they will be willing to cooperate with ya." he told them.
"Okay lets get this **** going. Come on Nathaniel lets go have some fun exploring. Where do you think this is going to lead us?" Ben said before walking to the edge and started making his way down.

"Good luck on your guys end" he shouted back at the rest of the group.
“Brimstone,†Irene murmured, turning the card over and over in her gloved hands. “Very cloak and dagger, I’m sure. Like one of those awful radio adventures.†She opened the top buckle on the front of her outfit, slid the card inside, then closed it up again. Although her rubber armour offered her protection, it did not include the luxury of pockets on the outside. She put a hand on Ness’s shoulder. “Let’s be on our way, then.â
Duncan briefly looked over the map ad nodded. As the group discussed their plans and he briefly checked his medical bag to ensure he’d have all that he’d need. He let out a silent yawn hidden by his mask before turning to Vic.

“I’m ready to go; do you have all the equipment you need for the capture on hand?â€

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