Of all the properties you’d expect celebrated Indonesian filmmaker Timo Tjahjanto to be attached to, you least expect it would be a reboot of Andrew Davis’s 1992 hit thriller, Under Siege. Alas, that now seems to be the case with none other than Kate scribe Umair Aleem penning the script for Warner Bros.

The plan, according to Deadline‘s Anthony D’Alessandro, is to release the remake on HBO Max. There’s no word though if the film’s original star, Steven Seagal, would return to the table as former Navy SEAL-cum-cook Casey Ryback, but the film was definitely another page turner for action fans thirty years ago, along with its 1995 sequel (frankly it wouldn’t be a reboot if Ryback returned anyway, otherwise it would be categorized as a sequel, which this isn’t).

Let’s face it though: I was a fan of Seagal until his career post-Half Past Dead...

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