Ultraman X coming in July?

From Google Translate:

Episode 1 will be about the Solar Flare that unleashes the Kaijus and X makes his debut. Episodes 2-3 will be about Birdon (why they keep making Birdon coming early in the series). Episode 4 will have Telesdon (and the night battle). :D

I LOVE everything I've seen so far in the previes. The mechas are reminiscence of Super Guts' with the color scheme and all. And those vehicles, and especially the truck xD

But most importantly, X's armaments. I love that Eleking armor.

Small correction: Birdon is only in episode 2 and Telesdon is in episode 3.


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Oopsies xD

But seriously, why they brought Birdon way early again? I used to be scared of that bird. Now, it seems like they kinda nerf it with early appearances... :\


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those preview photos! it looks like X is going to be fucking awesome. :buttrock: I'm going to be very busy watching summer J-dramas and X this July.


It looks like it'll be a Gaia-style team, which consist of many members, instead of the usual puny 5 member team. Looks like this will be exciting :)


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Leo and Taro are awesome but for some reason I love me some Tiga-Gaia and Jack.. Anyway I am excited for this new series but im trying not to get overjoyed if it last like Neos and Ginga

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Any word of what the opening, insert, or ending songs will be used for Ultraman X?

I skimmed through the press launch video and I believed I heard a man and woman duo singing a song that sounds like the opening theme. They sounded kind of familiar but I couldn't place names to them.

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