Ultraman X coming in July?


Spark Dolls exist, but none of the information about the story (so far) ties anything in this to Ginga. They might have a different origin than Dark Lugiel turning everyone into sofubi.


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This series better last and not be some OVA type mess. Ive waited for too long for a new one. Didnt really bother with "Ginga" though


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It IS part of Shin Retsuden. So yeah, OVAs. Unless, they are testing grounds with this one and make a full series. (which would be pretty neat)


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Only gripe I have so far is that they are continuing the spark doll gimmick. I understand it's for toy sales but in my opinion its just a little too kiddie for Ultraman. It worked for Ginga but I wish they would've started fresh with a classic henshin device.
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Dolls coming to life or turning into monsters (or Ultras) while it's not a staple, is not something new. So maybe that's why I'm ok with it. (though I am tired of it right now, lol)


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